A former Muslim spoke at the Ridge Southern Baptist Church on Sunday
evening to explain the “True Under-standing of Islam.”

According to el-Masih, Allah, the Muslim God, told Muslims to go forth and
spread the religion through out the whole world by any means. Therefore,
Muslims justify warfare as a means to spread the religion.

Any arguments such as passages in the Quran of tolerance for other
religions were also quickly dismissed by el-Masih. He claimed that Mohammad
had said the passages of tolerance before Muslims started having any clout.
Once the Muslims gained some power, they rejected the idea of tolerance for
other religions in favor of conquering a nation and telling them to either
convert to Islam, pay a tax or be put to death.

“Muslims are allowed to lie when they are in danger,” el-Masih said as an
explanation for the turn around”¦

The content of el-Masih’s lectures has been controversial for years.
El-Masih’s accounts of the confrontations he has received only support his
arguments and he has a challenge for the people who claim that Islam is a
peaceful religion.
El-Masih cited the $14 billion that the Muslim nations have spent to
promote the teachings of Islam in the U.S. to show the slow filtration of
Islam into the states.

“They plan to take over America in 2020,” el-Masih said.

Silent jihad was a way into the American public according to el-Masih.
First the Muslims would establish businesses and then slowly take over the
political realm with the goal of having a Muslim president.

“Every time you’re at the pump for gas, a part of that dollar goes towards
terrorists groups,” el-Masih said


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