With so many reports of possible terrorist plots, and with charges flying
back and forth between the presidential candidates as to who can best
protect us, I think we are losing sight of the constant: Our enemies are

They brought us 9/11, they have beheaded innocent civilians, and they are
plotting against us, right here, right now. They, not George Bush or John
Ashcroft, deserve your hatred and fear. Your local mosque, not Republican
campaign headquarters, is where these plotters find support and funding.
Their Dark Ages interpretation of Islam, not the Jews or Israel, is why
they hate us.

Each time a Muslim cleric is arrested, the community insists that he is
innocent. This has to stop. Muslim-Americans have to make a choice: You are
Americans or you are Islamic barbarians. If you will not help law
enforcement rout out the terrorists in your midst, sooner or later you will
not be allowed to stay here.

But, you say, this is not the American way. Arabs/Muslims should be treated
the same as everyone else. No way. They are the threat — not Poles, or
Italians, or Puerto Ricans.

If and when my people, Jews, fly planes into American buildings and
threaten further attacks, we should receive the same harsh treatment.

Abe Krieger


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