Re: “Why tolerate intolerance?” Danielle Smith, Opinion, Oct. 30.

Danielle Smith is right that political correctness demands Canadians be
“tolerant of intolerance.”

But that only begs questioning: where does this intolerance come from, and
how prevalent is it within the Muslim world?

Considering that Islam and the Qur’an are one and the same, could it be
possible the Qur’an is the source of hatred towards others? Most of us
don’t know the answer to that because we, as a nation, are reluctant to
objectively investigate its teachings. I have — only to find God calling
me ape, swine, evil-doer, blasphemer, the worst of beasts, ridiculer of
truth, liar and patron of the devil. Talk about intolerance.

When I lived in Egypt, the expatriates in the company tried to organize a
picnic to get to know our Egyptian co-workers and their families better.
They told us “we aren’t ready for that yet.” Apparently, they didn’t want
to subject their wives and children to a day spent with infidels.

As to worldwide Muslim sentiment, look no further than Friday sermons in
mosques calling for the killing of infidels, and to streets named after
Palestinian suicide bombers. If, as we are constantly being told, the vast
majority of Muslims are peace-loving, why are there no fatwas calling for
an end to acts of terror being perpetrated in their name, and why are there
no mass demonstrations for peace in Muslim countries


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