The concept of culture seems to have eluded the political left in America.
By this I don’t mean good music, art and cinema – although a quick glance
at what passes for entertainment today certainly reinforces such a
judgment. I mean culture in the wider sense, for it is culture that
underlies and therefore determines the values and manner in which the
majority of people in a nation live their daily lives.

The culture of the Western world grew out of Christian values. Among these
are the immense value and significance of each human life, as demonstrated
by God’s willingness to sacrifice his own son, Jesus, rather than destroy
humanity because it had failed to meet His standards. Another is the
concept of human equality: Our differences shrink to insignificance when
confronted with the glory, power, holiness and majesty of God. Thus with
the widespread growth of Christianity, earthly kings suddenly found
themselves accountable to God for the governing decisions they made. “Lex
Rex” turned the world on its head, and ultimately helped give birth to

Today, there is another culture vying for America’s attention. The values
underlying this culture are watered from the deep springs of Islam. We see
it expressed in “honor killings,” forced religious conversions, women held
as property and the slaughter of noncombatants to generate a day’s


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