Everyone agrees next Tuesday’s presidential election will be very, very
close. Will 7 million Muslims in America elect Sen. John Kerry?

That’s what they intend to do, according to their plan that has not been
widely reported by American wire news services, most newspapers, big TV
news broadcasts and cable TV news programs.

We reported on this editorial page last Saturday that nearly a dozen Muslim
groups in the United States, which seek to guide 7 million Muslims, have
declared their opposition to President George W. Bush and support for Sen.

The Muslim organizations say the presidential election may be decided by
the way several battleground states — Florida, Michigan, Ohio,
Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — go.

Since polls suggest voters in those states are nearly equally divided, the
Muslims say they believe that if the 7 million Muslims vote for Sen. Kerry,
that will tip the scales and make Sen. Kerry president.

There are 538 electoral votes. Imagine a map of the United States.
California’s 55 electoral votes are surely going for Sen. Kerry. Color
California blue. New York’s 31 electoral votes surely are going for Sen.
Kerry. Color New York blue, along with a nest of little states in that area.

Then look at the vast rest of the United States, particularly the South and
West. Most of those states are for President Bush. Color them red.

It is easy to check off states and find about 200 electoral votes for each
candidate. But a winner must have 270.

That’s why President Bush and Sen. Kerry are frantically seeking to win
Florida’s 27 electoral votes, Michigan’s 17, Ohio’s 20, Pennsylvania’s 21,
Wisconsin’s 10, and others that may be in doubt.

The question Americans should be asking is whether the interests of 7
million Muslims in supporting Sen. Kerry correspond with the best interests
of the United States as we are fighting a worldwide war against terrorism
and seeking to establish democratic rule in Iraq.

Will we let 7 million Muslims make Sen. Kerry our next president by
determining the outcome in the closely contested states?

Or do the best interests of all Americans call for the re-election of
President Bush?

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