Self-styled terrorism expert Steven Emerson – in reality, a shill for Israel’s extremist Likudniks – recently was involved in a lawsuit with the Islamic Society of Boston. Basically, Emerson – as has been his style since he was discredited in the 1990s – tried to slip in underneath the radar and utilize a gullible reporter in Boston to carry his smears. The case settled, a draw with neither side accomplishing anything. Since the ISB brought the case, it’s fair to say it was the loser.

In terrorism cases, as with the current trial of the Holy Land Foundation in Texas, federal prosecutors have sought to introduce Emerson’s anti-Arab rants as evidence – but not Emerson himself. The feds seek to call as witnesses Emerson associates who parrot him. But the feds know that Emerson himself could easily be demolished by defense attorneys who would ask Emerson about his secretive relationships, his financing and, most of all, his many mistakes. What the government is doing is trying to introduce hearsay – but this is George Bush’s Justice Department.

Here’s how Emerson describes the Boston case’s outcome:

Today’s events represent a strong, stirring victory for free speech and American values and a repudiation of the tactic of misusing the judicial system to seek to stifle important and legitimate forms of expression.

The lawsuit, initiated by the ISB in October 2005, was a clear attempt to intimidate journalists, researchers and private citizens from engaging in constitutionally protected activities, including informing the public of extremist elements in their midst. Although Mr. Emerson has been fully vindicated and will continue vigorously to unmask radical Islamist organizations and networks in the U.S. and around the world, the ISB’s groundless lawsuit has demonstrated that the judicial system can be too easily misused by those seeking to intimidate and harass those who have justly criticized them. Fortunately, today’s result demonstrates that those with the truth on their side should never be intimidated or cowed into silence.

What a hypocrite! Emerson has had a unique role in trying to intimidate the media. He has threatened the press when journalists have criticized him for his many, many errors. His targets have included investigative reporting greats such as Robert I. Friedman and Bob Parry.


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