Embattled former West Jefferson High School teacher Wes Mix, who was
accused of using racial slurs and yanking the head scarf off a Muslim
student, plans to fight Jefferson Parish public schools Superintendent
Diane Roussel’s recommendation to fire him.

Under policies governing tenured employees, Mix has requested a private
hearing with the School Board scheduled for Oct. 13 in which the board can
uphold, amend or reject Roussel’s recommendation, board attorney Jack Grant
said Tuesday.

“It’s (Mix’s) right of appeal under the tenure law,” Grant said.

In February, then-sophomore Maryam Motar said Mix, her world history
teacher at the Harvey school, pulled back her religiously mandated head
scarf and said, “I hope God punishes you. No, I’m sorry. I hope Allah
punishes you.”

According to Motar, Mix also said during the Jan. 30 incident, “I didn’t
know you had hair under there.”

Motar, whose family enlisted the support of the Council on American-Islamic
Relations in Washington, D.C., said those remarks were part of a string of
ethnically charged jokes Mix used against his students”¦


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