The glossy pages of most teen magazines feature articles on dating, celebrities’ jaunts to and from rehab, and the latest miniskirt trend–topics of little relevance to girls who grow up practicing Islam, which frowns upon such things.

But inside Muslim Girl magazine, a bimonthly that debuted in January, readers will not find headlines like “Guys: Decode His IMs” or “585 Sexy New Looks.” Rather, it profiles professional women like BBC broadcast journalist Mishal Husain, shows off models sporting cute-yet-conservative clothes and offers specialized advice, such as how to deal with a crush in a culture that looks down on dating.

Started by Ausma Khan, a former lawyer who taught international human rights law at Northwestern University, Muslim Girl is aimed at 12- to 19-year-olds.

“I wanted to provide girls with an alternative to Cosmo Girl! and Seventeen, where they would see fun stories about popular culture but … also provide guidance and information to boost their self-esteem, develop their self-confidence,” said Khan, who lives in Evanston. “We wanted to tell the stories of real American Muslims.”


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