Religion is a powerful subject. Many have strong opinions, while others chose to avoid even the
knowledge of such. The strength and determination religion brings to those
who believe can be seen throughout the world in an array of forms from good
faith to assassination.

In Iraq, the war is brutal and said to be a holy war amongst Muslims. Of
course, 95 percent of the population in Iraq is indeed Muslim. But, 80
percent of all Muslims are not Arabs. There are more found in Indonesia, a
large minority in China and about five million right here in the United

A Muslim is a person who submits to the will of Allah. To a Muslim, Allah
is the only divine and worshipful being. They believe he is the God for all
Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and even atheists.

Islam, with the root word meaning peace, is the actual submission process
and has five pillars”¦

Jihad, meaning struggle in Arabic, is allowed when fighting for religion
and in self-defense. So, there it is, a holy war where each party truly
believes they are right according to a religion passed down from generation
to generation.

A non-discriminatory religion of peace, torn by power, under one God, known
to Muslims as Allah.


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