ALLUJA, Iraq, Nov 16 (Reuters) – U.S. Marines rallied round a comrade
under investigation for killing a wounded Iraqi during the offensive in
Falluja, saying he was probably under combat stress in unpredictable,
hair-trigger circumstances.

Marines interviewed on Tuesday said they didn’t see the shooting as a
scandal, rather the act of a comrade who faced intense pressure during the
effort to quell the insurgency in the city.

“I can see why he would do it. He was probably running around being shot at
for days on end in Falluja. There should be an investigation but they
should look into the circumstances,” said Lance Corporal Christopher Hanson.

“I would have shot the insurgent too. Two shots to the head,” said Sergeant
Nicholas Graham, 24, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “You can’t trust these
people. He should not be investigated. He did nothing wrong…


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