Cynthia McKinney is one step closer to returning to Congress.

The former Georgia lawmaker, who has been targeted by Jewish donors in the
past because she is perceived as anti-Israel, surprised many by avoiding a
runoff and winning outright Tuesday’s six-person Democratic primary for her
old seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Jewish donors, concerned about McKinney’s re-emergence, had anticipated
backing McKinney’s opponent in a runoff next month, but now are faced with
the likelihood that McKinney will return to Washington after winning in
November in a heavily Democratic district.

McKinney, who represented the 4th congressional district for 10 years
before losing to Denise Majette in the primary two years ago, received 51
percent of the vote Tuesday.

Liane Levetan, a Jewish state senator, received 21 percent, and Cathy
Woolard, a former Atlanta city council president, garnered 19 percent”¦


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