A Washington-bound Amtrak train was stopped in Cumberland yesterday as
federal agents questioned two male passengers said to be of Middle Eastern
descent who were acting suspiciously, officials said.

The men, who live in the Baltimore-Washington region, were detained for
several hours after another passenger noticed one of them with a bulky item
under his shirt, said Barry Maddox, a spokesman for the FBI’s Baltimore
field office.
The object – which Maddox would not identify for fear of discouraging
reports of suspicious behavior – turned out to be inconsequential. No
charges were filed against the men – who were not identified by name or
nationality – and they were released, Maddox said.

Maddox said that a military officer on the train noticed the men and warned
Amtrak officials, who in turn called Cumberland police.

Amtrak officials stopped the Capitol Limited, which was carrying about 230
passengers, at a station in Cumberland about noon after the report of
suspicious activity, said Dan Stessel, an Amtrak spokesman. Later, the
train was moved to a CSX rail yard four miles south of town for safety


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