A radiologist who was kicked out of the University of Maryland Medical Center after he performed a Muslim ritual has filed a $30 million lawsuit against the hospital.

The suit claims Dr. Mohammed A. Hussain was abused with racial epithets by hospital security guards as they forced him to leave the building, where he was scheduled to undergo surgery.

“This man diagnoses cancer and saves people’s lives, and he was treated as if he were a homeless person or a common criminal,” said David Ellin, Hussein’s lawyer.

According to the lawsuit, Hussain, 61, of Waldorf, was washing his hands and feet in a bathroom sink as part of a ritual called Wuduh when a security guard came into the bathroom and ordered him to get out “immediately or else,” says the suit, which was filed Friday.

Ellin said the guard “made references to (Hussain) as if he were a terrorist” and used racial epithets before he pushed the doctor down a hallway and handed him over to another guard, who escorted him out of the building.

Once he was outside, Hussain approached another guard, explained that he was a patient awaiting surgery, and was readmitted, Ellin said.

The incident occurred March 22, when Hussain was scheduled for a procedure to remove a cancerous tumor from his tongue, the lawsuit says.


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