LEWISTON, Maine –Church and volunteer organizations in the Lewiston-Auburn area are calling for a show of support for the Muslim community after a Lewiston man was charged with throwing a severed pig’s head into a mosque during a prayer session.

The Many and One Coalition, a group that works against racism and prejudice, is holding a news conference on Wednesday to express outrage over the incident, according to board member Kate Brennan of Greene.

The Lewiston-Auburn Interfaith Clergy Group, the Maine Council of Churches and the Holocaust Human Rights Center will also be represented or issuing statements at the conference.

Thirty-three-year-old Brent Matthews of Lewiston has been charged with desecrating a place of worship. Police said Matthews claimed he threw the pig’s head into the mosque as a joke.

On Monday, Gov. John Baldacci announced the creation of a state Office of Multicultural Affairs.


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