The buzz of a circular saw and the din of pounding hammers echoed throughout a southwest Detroit neighborhood invaded by volunteers for Habitat for Humanity.

But a closer look at this group of do-gooders that came together Sunday to build three new homes for low-income Detroit families revealed something more.

Side by side, more than 35 Muslims, Jews and Christians worked as one, climbing ladders to nail siding, slicing wood to frame windows and doors and offering a hand of support during the third annual “Interfaith build,” organized by the National Conference for Community Justice.

Victor Begg, who is Muslim, said different faiths need to do more than just pray together. They need to work together and build trust.

“When two people are trying to put a window frame together, we are concerned about each other” making sure you aren’t nailing a thumb down,” Begg said with a smile.

Volunteers spent the day working on the houses on 25th Avenue between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Michigan Avenue in an area known as Tri-Centennial Village, where Habitat for Humanity has built around 30 homes and has plans for several more…


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