Lawyers for Ahmad Al-Halabi, the Air Force senior airman accused of spying
while he was stationed as a translator at the military base at Guantanamo
Bay, Cuba, have filed a complaint against the Air Force for refusing to
allow the Dearborn man to worship in a mosque.

Al-Halabi, a Muslim originally from Syria, is confined to Travis Air Force
Base near Sacramento, Calif., while awaiting military trial on charges that
he improperly handled sensitive material while working as a translator in
the camp. His trial is scheduled for September.

The complaint alleges that military officials have made no provisions for
Al-Halabi to practice his religion, in violation of the 1993 Religious
Freedom Restoration Act.

Al-Halabi, who attended high school in Dearborn, is asking for $57,000 in
damages, plus $1,000 for each day he is denied the right to worship,
according to the complaint.


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