DEARBORN, Mich. – A Muslim immigrant from Lebanon has been cleared of
responsibility for her 2-year-old son’s 1985 death, which led Michigan
authorities to give her three young children for adoption by an evangelical
Christian couple.

The children, now ages 22, 21 and 18, have been trained to be Christian
missionaries, their birth father says.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Edward Thomas in Detroit on Tuesday ordered that
the death certificate for Samier Amer be changed to say that his death was
an accident, not a homicide. The ruling came after the county settled a
lawsuit brought by the parents.

The family says that Samier had a rare brittle bone disorder and died after
falling in the bathtub and fracturing his skull.

“I think now God has spoken,” said the mother, Rehab Amer. “I did not kill
my son. My son cried from the grave for justice.”

The state took the children into protective custody after the agency
accused Amer and her husband Ahmed of child abuse.

A jury found Rehab Amer not guilty of second-degree murder, but Michigan’s
welfare department refused to return the surviving children to their parents.

In 1989, the couple lost parental rights to the children, who were adopted
in 1990 by a Pentecostal Christian couple. The Amers say authorities were
biased against them


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