Clintondale Community Schools is defending its alternative education program after three African-American students were charged Tuesday with ethnic intimidation and assault in connection with a melee outside a bus stop on Gratiot.

The students were charged with hurling slurs at an Arab-American business owner after starting the fight around noon Monday.

Dyeida Wilson, 18, and Antoneo Hardy, 19, were charged in 41B District Court with assault with a dangerous weapon and ethnic intimidation. Rodney Hayes, 17, was charged as an adult with assault and battery and ethnic intimidation.

All three are from Detroit and attend the Clintondale Continuing Education Center. The center, east of Gratiot between 15 Mile and 16 Mile, offers alternative high school education and job training courses.

The confrontation is part of a problem that has been brewing between students who attend the school and nearby business owners, police and merchants said.

Clintondale school officials said they are working to address the community’s concerns about students who misbehave outside school.

Those involved in Monday’s melee have been indefinitely suspended.


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