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A small sign rests on a table in the lobby of the new Burnsville mosque, offering a simple message:


(Welcome and be comfortable)

“We tell all people that it is their place as it is ours,” said Amin Kader, one of the founders of the mosque. “When you say this is a mosque, you are saying this is the place of God. God’s place is open to all of his children.”

A look inside offered plenty of sights a churchgoer would recognize: a sign posted on a bulletin board asking for donations to pay for installing new carpet. Another serving as a reminder that the community room is open for weddings, birthdays and parties. A flier promoting an upcoming bake sale.

The weekly Friday afternoon group prayer demonstrated the customs of the Islamic faith. Worshipers removed their shoes before entering the prayer area, where they knelt on the carpet.

About 150 men, women and children attended the prayer, which was led in English. Whenever words were quoted from the Qur’an, they were spoken in Arabic, then translated…

The Burnsville mosque also filled another need by including a room, licensed by the state of Minnesota, that is used to prepare bodies for Muslim burial. (More)


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