On a sweltering Saturday afternoon, about 100 men gathered in an open field to bury the remains of Sadiya Sahal, of St. Paul, and her 22-month-old daughter, Hana, who were both killed in the Interstate 35W bridge collapse.

“We need as a community to learn from this event,” said Imam Abdisalam Adam of Dar Al-Hijrah Cultural Center in Minneapolis. “When the bridge collapsed, it did not ask for anybody’s nationality. It did not ask if anybody was an immigrant. I hope that we live together as a community regardless of where we are from, regardless of our social status. That would be the best legacy.”

Imam Hamdy El-Sawaf of Masjid Al-Ikhlas in Minneapolis spoke of how Sahal, 23, was training to be a nurse to serve the community. He spoke of a legacy of standing “hands in hands and shoulder to shoulder,” helping each other. “We’re one body. If part of that body would be aching, the whole body would be aching,” he said.


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