As a young child attending an Islamic private school, I recall coming to school one day only to see its once-brown brick walls decorated with big, red paint marks. Apparently, a few people had come to “express” their rage, targeting the little boys and girls at the school. Foul words were spray-painted in angry red, calling the students racist and derogatory names. It was at this point that I truly comprehended hatred and injustice. Although the words were scrubbed off eventually, I was not able to erase them from my impressionable mind.

I remember this incident as I sympathize with the Jewish neighbours whose homes were spray-painted. None of us are immune to hatred and injustice. We must stand together to guard against them. As a proud member of the Muslim community, I offer my support: I am willing to organize a group of Muslim and Jewish students who can help to remove the hateful symbols and graffiti.


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