I’m working on a family mystery. My grandmother of eight generations ago,
Aggathy, might have been an American Indian princess named Little Flower.
Some of us wanted to prove it with a DNA test. The test is interesting. It
can only be performed on a woman from an unbroken chain of women linked to
the grandmother.

My mother took the test, but the result was inconclusive. The testers have
DNA on file from many Indian tribes, but none matched hers. We were told
that my grandmother’s tribe might even be extinct.

A nation extinct! Woe to us if our bad actions are the cause, for we are
breaking the family ties, and thus, the promise to our creator.

The creator of all life, God, has many names expressing excellence and
perfection; some say 99 names. Allah is the name for God in the Arabic
language, al-Baari (the Creator), al-Hi-yy (the Living), al-Qayyoom (Always
in Charge), al-Malik (the King), al-Wadood (the Loving), as-Salaam (Never

Muslims believe that nothing and nobody resembles God. When we use the
grammatical pronoun “he,” it does not imply that God is male, nor that he
is human in any way. Arabic-speaking people understand this.

God has many excellent names, but the greatest of all is a-Rahman, the one
who gives mercy, the one who nurtures life beyond anything we can imagine.
God is different than any being..


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