Last week, we shared a few responses from Muslim readers discussing the place of Islam in America. This week, four Muslim women share their thoughts as part of our ongoing Washington Post series.

Sarah Kajani, 23, a social media consultant from Atlanta, said radicalization seems “so far away” to American Muslims.

“When it becomes part of a discussion, it is usually raised by non-Muslims. Either they ask if I believe or practice Islam like Bin Laden or what do I have to say about the actions of Islamist radicals? How can I stand their actions? But the one point I continue to raise is the fact that every religion has radicals. I believe Islam[ic] radicalization is just overexposed within America due to the clash of civilizations, or what I like to believe is the clash of ignorance.”

Kajani said the current intense climate poses a challenge for American Muslims: “You have to be able to stand by your identity, always having to stand up for what you believe, whether that is to the Muslim community or the American community. (More)


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