America’s war on terrorism is playing out this
Fourth of July at fireworks stands across the country with celebrants being
offered a chance to figuratively blow up terror leaders.

The bin Laden Noggin, a cone-shaped firework decorated with a gun wielded
on a green-faced cartoon of Osama bin Laden, has been a top seller at Stars
and Stripes fireworks stands across Nebraska.

The business’ owner, Keith Christensen, said he figured the bin Laden
Noggins would be popular, but not as popular as they have been.

“I’ve been busy trying to keep it on stands,” he said.

When lit, the bin Laden cone erupts in blood red flames and screeches
loudly for 60 seconds, Christensen said. Bin Laden’s so-called execution
isn’t complete until two shots blow his head off.

The cone sells for $1.99 each or $7.96 for a package titled “Exploding
Terrorists Heads,” which also includes the likenesses of “Sadly Insane
(Saddam) Hussein,” “Rag Hat (Yasser) Arafat” and “Cannibal (Moammar) Gadhafi.”

The terrorists fireworks also are distributed to vendors in Oklahoma,
Kansas, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana by Missouri-based Crazy Debbie’s

Lisa Myer of Papillion was appalled when she heard about the terrorists
fireworks while shopping at an Omaha-area stand for smoke bombs and
sparklers for her son.

“What are we trying to teach our children?” she asked.

Another fireworks shopper, Suzi Hoffman, thought the fireworks were a good

“I thought they should have shot Saddam in the head when they found him,”
she said. “So this is a great way to get your aggression out.”

Hoffman, 40, said her husband returned home in May after spending eight
months working as an electrician in Baghdad.

Rabiah Ahmed, a spokeswoman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations
in Washington, D.C., said she hopes the fireworks don’t add to the
increased backlash Muslims have faced, particularly since the recent
beheadings of Americans in the Middle East.

“We have faith that most Americans using these fireworks can make a
distinction between a dictator and a terrorist and not to associate them
with the religion or killing people,” she said..


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