Shaun Uhmed, almost 29, is the son of Pakistani immigrants. He moved to Charlotte six years ago to work as an investment banker at Bank of America. He was asleep in his parents’ suburban New York house when the first plane hit. His mother awoke him in time to watch the second plane crash on TV. . .

I don’t want to sound like a victim, or paranoid. But I have felt the backlash.

I fly a lot. I probably look Pakistani. Once, a few months after the attacks, I was sitting on a US Airways flight to New York. It was an empty flight. I got pulled from the plane with another passenger, an Indian person. They said, “You and the passenger you were flying with were acting erratically.” I didn’t know the other passenger.

Another time, in 2002, I was flying to visit my parents. A federal marshal on the plane followed me and wrote down the license plate number of my parents. Two weeks later, I was back in Charlotte and an FBI agent called me at home and asked some very disturbing and inappropriate questions. He said the marshal reported that I was acting erratically. I don’t know how to act erratically on a plane. You sit. You read. You sleep.


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