Muslim and Jewish students shared cookies, conversation and conceptions of
God in Cafe Vivian Wednesday at the second Muslim-Jewish Dialogue (MJD)
event of the year.

Marc Grinberg, a senior in the politics department, and Rasha Al-Duwaisan,
a junior in the Wilson School, created the program last year as a
collaboration between the Center for Jewish Life and the Muslim Students

Both Grinberg and Al-Duwaisan felt there was a general lack of interaction
– and consequent lack of knowledge – between students of the two faiths.

While the University does not release information about religious
identification, the CJL estimates 10 to 11 percent of the undergraduate
population is Jewish. There are substantially fewer Muslim students, though
no percentage is available.

The casual gatherings of the MJD are meant to increase cultural
understanding and are not forums for political discussions, Grinberg said.

“It’s politics that will be divisive,” Grinberg said.

Earlier this month, forum participants gathered in the dining hall of the
CJL to discuss various holidays. Twenty-seven undergraduates and graduates,
representing at least three faiths and spanning several academic
departments, attended the first MJD gathering of the year..


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