The federal government wants to build bridges between the Muslim community
and federal authorities. That’s why agents from a number of law enforcement
organizations have reached out to Muslims in Las Vegas through meetings at
local mosques.

The meetings started about a month ago at mosque in downtown Las Vegas.
Eyewitness News has learned this is part of a nationwide effort from the
Department of Justice, FBI, and Homeland Security. The hope is to open a
dialogue that could prevent terrorism

Fateen Seifullah is the Imam or spiritual leader of the Masjid as-Sabur
Mosque. He received the call from federal authorities asking to meet his
followers. “The community is open and receptive, but still reserved in
terms of trust,” Seifullah said.

Mujahid Ramadan added, “Is there some suspicion? Yes. Is there some
distrust? Yes. Is there some trust? Yes.” Mujahid Ramadan says federal
agents must do more than just meet. He would like to see some sort of
gesture that says agents are serious about working with the community


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