Two Brooklyn schoolgirls allegedly bound a boy of Arab descent with tape, locked him in a classroom closet and bombarded him for eight minutes with ethnic slurs before their substitute fourth-grade teacher did anything.

The shocking charges are laid out in a lawsuit filed in Federal Court seeking unspecified damages for 10-year-old Abdulla Mohammed, who was 9 at the time.

The boy suffered “severe personal injuries – humiliation, ridicule and gross embarrassment” from the incident in his fourth-grade classroom at Public School 114 in Canarsie on Oct. 26, said his lawyer, Michael Lazarowitz. The suit blames the city and Education Department for failing to supervise the school. Education officials declined to comment.

Lazarowitz said the girls attacked Abdulla from behind, taped his arms behind his back, put tape on his nose and mouth, then locked him in the closet.

As Abdulla, who was born in Yemen, struggled, Lazarowitz said the girls hurled “racial and ethnic slurs to the effect – ‘go back to your country, we don’t want you here.'”


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