Urooj Khan had been on campus for only two days when he discovered the
Islamic Society of Central New York Mosque on Comstock Avenue.

The Syracuse University graduate accounting student soon became a regular
at the center, attending prayer meeting every Friday. He finds the Muslim
community in Syracuse far stronger than that in India, where he was born,
as people are more committed to the cause of Islam.

“It made me feel like I should give back to the community,” Khan said.

And now, in the midst of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, even more
people have demonstrated their devotion to their doctrines and community at
the center. More than 200 people attend services at the center, said Anwer
Ahmed, president of the society and an associate professor of management at
SU. Normally, about 40 to 60 students attend services, but this greater
attendance is nothing unusual for this time of reflection and


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