With recent warnings of possible terrorist attack this summer,
FBI agents are asking Muslims to alert them of any terror activity within
their communities. Muslim leaders in Rochester call the request offensive
and a form of racial profiling.

Hanif Abdul Wahid and ten of his friends patrol the streets of Rochester
twice a week. They focus on the area known as the “Crescent,” which some
believe has the highest crime rate in the city. Their group, called
RAIN–Rochestarians Against Illegal Narcotics–is made up of those in the
Islamic faith.

“It’s to promote public safety in the neighborhood, good citizenship. We
try to help curb the violence in the city,” he said.

Recently FBI agents have been told to establish contacts with Muslims
across the county. The US government believes this could stop an attack.

While he volunteers for pubic service, Wahid says the FBI’s request
directed at Muslims is offensive. He believes it sends the message that all
Muslims are terrorists, which, he says is far from the truth.

“Some part of me says that they shouldn’t have to do that, because
naturally Muslims are law-abiding citizens, and they cooperate on the side
of what’s just,” Wahid said


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