A Sikh honorary priest returned home from the hospital Monday morning after
three men allegedly beat him unconscious in Richmond Hill Sunday night.

Rajinder Singh Khalsa Ji, 54, said he was on his way to have tea in his
cousin’s restaurant when three unidentified men who were at a party next
door began ridiculing his cousin’s turban. When Khalsa Ji came to his
cousin’s defense he said the men, who appeared to be drunk, told them to go
back to their country and proceeded to beat him.

His cousin, Gurcharan Singh, 51, said that as he passed the men they said,
“This is my curtain, give it to me,” referring to the turban that Singh and
the Khalsa Ji wear as a symbol of their religion.

“I called 911. When I called they got more angry and they started to abuse
[curse] me again,” Singh said. “Five to six people came to me, punching me.
When they started punching me, my cousin told them, ‘Leave him alone’ …
They started punching him and pushed him on the floor, punching, kicking,
his face was all bloody and he was unconscious.”

Khalsa Ji, who regained consciousness in an ambulance, said he will need to
return the hospital several times over the next few months to treat his
injuries, including a fractured nose and multiple fractures in his face..


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