School board members and the superintendent here hurled accusations Tuesday evening over two Muslim students being offered the use of a public space for their religious holiday.

The clash forced an early end to the meeting.

Jennifer Miller, who joined the Mason Board of Education in January after running as a conservative Christian, lashed out at Superintendent Kevin Bright over a dispute that included the district’s decision to offer two Muslim high school students the use of an empty room during lunch hour.

The religious holiday of Ramadan ended Monday. Followers fast during daylight to observe their holy month.

After a speaker complained that the district was favoring one religion in the public high school, Miller agreed.

Bright, however, disputed Miller’s description that it was an offer for a “prayer room,” saying the parents asked for a space during lunch away from other students so their children would not be uncomfortable while they fasted. The room was never used, he said.

“It’s a fasting room,” he said to Miller, “not a prayer room.”

Miller then accused Bright, and board president Kevin Wise, of “avoiding the issue” and said Bright lied in his previous description.

“This is ridiculous and absurd,” said Bright, who has frequently had tense exchanges with Miller. “You are questioning my ethics and my morals.”


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