YORK, Pa. – For the first time, the federal government indicated Tuesday
that it is no longer interested in a former Kent resident as a terror

During an asylum hearing Tuesday afternoon for 40-year-old Ashraf
Al-Jailani, government lawyer Jeff Bubier asked a series of questions that
hinted the government is willing to say it no longer considers Al-Jailani a
“first stringer” in an alleged al-Qaida terror network plot to blow up GOJO

That allegation is why the government has detained Al-Jailani for more than
two years, although he has not been charged.

Noting Bubier’s line of questioning, U.S. Immigration Judge Walter Durling,
asked Bubier point blank: Is the government willing to say it is not
interested in Al-Jailani as a terror suspect?

Bubier paused.

“That may be a possibility, yes,” he replied.

The hearing was to determine if the government’s terror allegations against
Al-Jailani have so colored him that he can’t be deported to his homeland of
Yemen because he would be tortured for his status as a terror suspect..


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