CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – 07/30/06 – In view of Israel’s recent war crimes, a number of leading Pakistani-American activists – professors, lawyers, doctors, scientists, journalists, business professionals, and human rights activists – have issued a joint statement urging Muslim and Arab states to sever all ties with Israel.

Their joint statement reads:

“We the undersigned Pakistani-Americans call on the UN Security Council to fulfill its legal responsibility for stopping organized Israeli slaughter of men, women and children in Gaza and Lebanon by enforcing an immediate, unconditional, ceasefire.

“Even-handed, single-standard, approach to conflict resolution necessitates UN censure and condemnation of all forms of terrorism including state terrorism, and implementation of all relevant UN Resolutions, not just 1559. Peace presupposes justice, justice end to triple occupations by Israel.

“We ask Egypt, Jordon, Mauritania, Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries to sever or suspend all diplomatic and commercial ties with Israel. We also urge Pakistan and Bangladesh to discontinue all contacts with the apartheid state of Israel. We implore all these countries to respect the wishes of their own peoples.

“We urge the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Arab League (AL) to support Lebanese Government’s demand for compensation from Israel for its war crimes, just as, after the first Gulf War, the UN had forced Iraq to pay war damages to Israel, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

“We denounce political sycophancy of those eight Pakistani-Americans who had recently gone to Israel to provide a cover for Israel’s heinous crimes. These are the same people who had honored extremist BJP leader L. K. Advani last year. They stand utterly rejected by the Pakistani-American community.”

Signed by (partial list):

Prof. Fawzia Afzal-Khan
Prof. S. M. Ghazanfar
Dr. Bashir A. Syed
Lubna Jahangiri, Esq.
Dr. Ikram Jehangiri
Mohammad Shaiq
Moina Shaiq
Ahmed Hashmi
Maserath Hashmi
Farrukh Sana
Kishwar Farrukh
Kishwar Mahmood
Abdul Sattar Rydhan
Waheed Khalid
Shakeel Syed
Munir Chaudhry
Qazi Sanaullah
Tashie Zaheer
Mohammad Siddique
Raja M. Yaqub


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