Foreigners especially Pakistanis, who are trying
to seek political asylum in Canada are facing great hardships due to new
strict immigration laws and almost 80 per cent applications in this regard
have been rejected by local courts, so far.

According to the Voice of America, thousands of Pakistanis whose
applications for political asylum were dismissed by Canadian authorities,
are also facing threat of deportation.

After enforcement of strict immigration laws, the Canadian Immigration
Minister, Juddy Grow, said the government would deport all those whose
applications for asylum on political grounds had been rejected by local

She said after rejection of their asylum applications, people often tried
to take refuge in churches.

The Minister, however, said the administration of churches had been
strictly directed not to shelter foreigners whose applications for asylum
were dismissed by the Canadian courts.

It may be recalled that about 53,000 people had applied for political
asylum in Canada this year and the courts had given its verdict on almost
20,000 applications, so far.

The Canadian immigration lawyers said more than 80 per cent applications
for political asylum had been rejected by courts.

The lawyers further said most of the applicants belonged to Pakistan and
they came to the country from United States during last few months”¦


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