Recent revelations of army brutality toward Palestinians may have shocked some Israelis but residents of this West Bank town say such abuse is part of the daily pattern of life. The army has launched an official investigation into the testimony given by soldiers in an ongoing exhibition in Tel Aviv that they regularly dished out violence to residents in Hebron during a recent tour of duty.

“The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) educates its soldiers to act according to high moral standards and will continue to investigate and take serious measures in exceptional incidents,” said a statement.

But the experience of the Abu Omar family seems to indicate that random harassment and brutality are often par for the course.

Thirty-five family members live in a four-storey apartment block, situated some 150 meters (yards) from the Beit Hadassa checkpoint in the southern West Bank town.

Nearly all have a tale of how they suffered at the hands of Israeli troops in recent months..


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