The Democratic State of Israel-Palestine?

That is the vision of a small but growing number of Palestinians and
Israeli Arabs debating whether to end decades of demanding an independent
Palestinian state and to push instead for one homeland for Arabs and Jews.

The chances of ever getting Israeli acceptance are as good as nil. Most
vehemently oppose a “bi-national” state because a higher Arab birth rate
would kill Israel’s character as a Jewish state.

But the idea has started rumbling among Palestinians, especially
intellectuals who argue that Israeli policies make a viable state
impossible and who think it could be time for a shift in strategy.

Jewish settlements and a West Bank barrier that Israel says it needs to
keep out suicide bombers will leave Palestinians with cantons surrounded by
Israeli-controlled land instead of the state they want, the intellectuals

Israel’s plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip (news – web sites) has only
heightened their worries. They fear that in exchange for Gaza, Israel will
use its barrier to annex far larger parts of the West Bank, which it also
captured in a 1967 war..


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