Numerous mainstream media outlets have recently hosted right-wing “Atlas Shrugs” blogger Pamela Geller to discuss the controversy surrounding a proposed Islamic community center set to be built blocks away from Ground Zero. However, Geller’s history of outrageous, inflammatory and false claims, particularly when it comes to issues related to Islam, demonstrate that she cannot be expected to make accurate statements and should not be rewarded with a platform on national television. . .

MSNBC hosts Geller, who suggests the Islamic center is a “triumphal mosque” on “conquered lands.” MSNBC News hosted Geller on July 14 to discuss plans to construct an Islamic community center containing a mosque two blocks away from the ground zero 9/11 site. She speculated that funding for the Islamic center could be “tied to jihad or terror” and asserted that it is “insensitive,” “humiliating” and “offensive” to build a mosque at the site. (More)


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