We have a visitor today who once said, “Western European societies are
unprepared for the massive immigration of brown-skinned peoples cooking
strange foods and maintaining different standards of hygiene ”¦ All
immigrants bring exotic customs and attitudes, but Muslim customs are more
troublesome than most.”

I speak for all of Al-Nur, the Muslim student association on this campus,
and for other concerned students when I say that it is troublesome that
Daniel Pipes, to whom the above quote is attributed, is visiting Dartmouth.
He is the nation’s leading Islamophobe and he is not welcome. He has
exploited the Japanese internment laws of the 1940s to justify his views
advocating racial profiling and he promotes an extensive infringement on
the civil rights of Arab-American and Muslim-American citizens. Today,
Pipes is slated to speak to the Dartmouth community, an event that was only
recently publicized, it seems, because of the controversial character of
the speaker’s inflammatory views.

In an institution that prides itself on fostering dialogue on aspects of
individual and social identity such as race and religion, it is disturbing
that any college organization or academic department heeding to this creed,
under the guise of promoting discussion, would invite someone who has been
identified by many as a hatemonger. Pipes’ bigoted views will marginalize
and breed suspicion and distrust toward students, faculty, and
administrators who are Arab or Muslim; his visit will do little to foster

In pursuing his crusade to focus security measures on Muslims, Pipes
resorts to defending rampantly racist author Michelle Malkin’s views in her
book “In Defense of Internment: The Case for Racial Profiling in World War
II and the War on Terror.” In support of Malkin, Pipes outlines her
arguments as she calmly compares concentration camps in Japan to American
“relocation camps” for the Japanese and declares that the latter were in
comparison to the former: “Spartan facilities that were for the most part
administered humanely.”

Pipes continues to delineate other baseless and humiliating comments from
Malkin including a claim that the Commission on Wartime Relocation and
Internment of Civilians of 1981-83 was biased in its conclusions and that
the Presidential apology and reparations awarded to former internees
resulted from faulty logic. Pipes chimes echoing Malkin’s vitriolic tune,
concluding that in wartime, “threat profiling” based on nationality,
ethnicity and religious affiliation is expedient and necessary. Pipes has
also warned against the enfranchisement of American Muslims, as this would
“present true dangers to American Jews.”

He contends Islam should not be portrayed in a good light in our schools
and in our media. With claims of possessing a mental “filter” with which he
can detect all those who want to “create a Muslim state in America,” Pipes
has also labeled 10 to 15 percent of all Muslims as “potential killers.”
Each of these claims is crudely based on anecdotal evidence. On the issue
of Israel and Palestine, Pipes has said that “The Palestinians are a
miserable people ”¦ and they deserve to be”¦


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