Just in time for the campaign season, the right-wing Clarion Fund, which shipped out 28 million DVDs to swing state voters in 2008 warning of the threat of radical Islam, has announced it’s working on a new film, this one on “the Iranian Nuclear threat.”

In a little-noticed press release this week, the Clarion Fund, which was behind Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against The West, said the new film will “document the development of the Iranian nuclear program, the threats posed by such a program, and the West’s inability to recognize the true nature of an extremist Islamic Revolutionary regime…”

The release also says the Iranian regime has an “extremist and apocalyptic messianic ideology” and it “has terrorized the world at large for over 30 years.”

Obsession was described by the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg as “designed to make naive Americans believe that B-52s filled with radical jihadists are about to carpet-bomb their churches, and are only awaiting Barack Obama’s ascension to launch the attack.” (More)


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