Saudi students returning from the US have spoken of shocking
treatment at the hands of the FBI. Among other things, they complain of
discrimination against them once they identify themselves as Saudis.

Ibrahim Al-Toeimi, a finance and banking student at the University of
Tampa, Florida, told Arab News the FBI would conduct random searches of his
home once or twice a month. “They would come and knock on my door any day
at any time… there was one occasion when they came to my house at eight
o’clock on a Sunday morning.” Without any warrants or justification, the
FBI would proceed to search the apartment with a fine toothcomb.

“They used to open my closet and search the pockets of my clothes to make
sure I wasn’t hiding anything. They would go through my drawers and even
check my shoes,” Ibrahim continued.

“Once they took all my CDs and played them one at a time to check what’s on
them.” When he asked them why, he was told: “It is part of our procedure.”

He went on to describe how agents would search his bathroom, kitchen and
even checked under the carpet. “When they finished searching the place they
would question me where I’d been and what I’d done…. they would ask me
where my money came from and what I’d spent it on,” Ibrahim said. “The
thing is that they know every detail about you but they ask you anyway just
to make you nervous…


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