The FBI met with Muslim leaders from the Islamville community near York on
Wednesday, but not as part of an investigation.

Ramadan, Islam’s holiest month, starts this weekend. FBI agents meet
regularly with Islamville residents to make sure they are not harassed,
said FBI agent Dick Watkins.

Islamville, a 40-acre tract where dozens of Muslims have lived for decades,
attracts hundreds of visitors during Ramadan.

“We talked about security is all, in a free-flowing discussion,” said Ali
Abdul Rashid, a senior leader at Islamville.

The federal government is concerned about terrorism before the Nov. 2
elections, Watkins said, but FBI efforts at Islamville are about community

The FBI terrorism concerns, “have nothing to do with these people,” Watkins

During events at Islamville, the FBI sometimes receives calls from
neighbors and the community about increased traffic, Watkins said…

Some Muslims have complained about the interview process, but no one in
Islamville has been interviewed, Rashid said.

The 9-11 terrorist attacks raised government concerns about American
Muslims and generated more calls, said Abdul Mumin, an Islamville leader
who met with Watkins and is considered mayor of the community. The FBI has
a vital job to protect the community, and law enforcement visits with
Islamville leaders are accepted and encouraged, Mumin said.

“We have nothing to hide,” Mumin said. “We are American citizens who are


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