Why is the world so intent on telling Muslim women how to dress?

On the one side, we have the likes of the Taliban wanting to impose the burqa. On the other side, we have countries such as Turkey and France trying to force Muslim women not to cover their hair.

Here in America, most of us condemn the first type of oppression, yet few speak up in the face of the other scenario. In fact, many Americans support calls to ban the veil, or hijab.

In her Dec. 25 column “Head scarf ‘right’ a male ruse,” Georgie Anne Geyer declared that the head scarf is not about modesty, but “instead about men’s obsession with controlling their women”. She agrees with the French campaign to ban “ostentatious religious symbols” such as Islamic hijabs, large crosses and Jewish skullcaps from school…

First, hijab is not a symbol. The majority of Muslim women believe that it is a religious obligation to dress modestly…


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