“Not guilty.” The plea tumbled off the eager lips of the graying man in the blue jumpsuit in unison with his lawyer at a federal court arraignment hearing Friday in West Palm Beach.

After 19 months, terrorism suspect Adham Amin Hassoun finally emerged from the U.S. government’s closet of secret cases.

The government claims that Hassoun, 41, has ties to al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, has engaged in terrorist activity, was involved in a conspiracy to commit an assassination, and provided support to persons and groups engaged in terrorist activity.

But for the first time since Hassoun was locked behind razor wire at the Krome Detention Center in southern Miami-Dade in June 2002, the Sunrise computer programmer got to make a public appearance in a federal courtroom.

In secret proceedings last year, he was ordered deported by immigration
officials for alleged Islamic terrorist activities.

Still, many aspects of his case remain shrouded by judicial order…


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