Baghdad — U.S. military prosecutors alleged Monday that American soldiers
shot to death two unarmed Iraqi men in their homes, then tried to cover up
their crimes by claiming that the Iraqis had reached for guns.

In chilling detail, the prosecutors and other U.S. soldiers described in a
makeshift courtroom here how the two accused U.S. servicemen casually
executed the Iraqis even though the civilians posed no immediate danger.

Sgt. Michael P. Williams, 25, of Memphis, Tenn., and Spc. Brent W. May, 22,
of Salem, Ohio, are the second pair of soldiers from the 1st Battalion,
41st Infantry Regiment from Fort Riley, Kan., to face murder charges
stemming from separate incidents in August. Williams and May could face the
death penalty if convicted.

Williams and May were charged in September, but details of the killings
were made public for the first time Monday at a preliminary hearing for May.

Monday’s hearing focused on the killing of an unidentified Iraqi man on
Aug. 28, when the regiment conducted house-to-house searches in Sadr City


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