Have you seen the trailer for 20th Century Fox’s oddly timed “Kingdom of
Heaven,” which pits Christians against Muslims in a Holy War?

Looks terrific, doesn’t it — brimming with romance, action, palace
intrigue. Obviously, director Ridley Scott is leaving nothing to chance. He
wants that best director Oscar many believed should have been his for

Now there’s just that nagging question of political correctness. Is
“Kingdom” anti-Islamic, as some have already conjectured?

Jack Shaheen, author of “Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People,”
has his suspicions. Three months ago, he offered his services to Fox as an
independent scholar. At first, he says, the studio was “extremely enthused”
about his offer.

But now as the epic nears its May 6 opening, they won’t return his calls or

“They’ve gone from very anxious to meet with me to no contact whatsoever,”
reported Shaheen, in L.A. to consult on a new George Clooney film. “That
means they’re trying to hide something. Have they made another Hollywood
film that pits Christianity against the Muslim hordes? I worry about that.


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