For most teenage girls, going to the prom is all about who is your date and what are you wearing. However, one prom in the South Bay has one of those elements, but the other is totally forbidden, NBC11’s Lisa Kim reported.

“Tonight is girls night out or girls prom 2004,” said Saleha Pirzada, a Girls Night Out Organizer.

The party is run by four Muslim students from San Jose High Academy. This prom has only one rule.

“Men are not allowed,” Pirzada said.

That’s because the girls are going to let their hair down and bare their legs.

“Guys are not allowed because they are not allowed to see us without our scarves on,” Pirzada said.

“The whole concept of our scarves is to protect our modesty and to protect ourselves as women so we don’t show off our bodies,” said Taqwa Abdallah, a Girls Night Out Organizer


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