Several county residents spoke at Thursday night’s monthly Rutherford County Commission meeting in opposition to a proposed Islamic Center on Veals Road.

Most demanded construction be halted and stopped short of demanding the buried body of a Muslim on their property be exhumed.

The 52,000-square foot Islamic Center of Murfreesboro was approved earlier this year by the Regional Planning Commission under a new state law that allows religious institutions to build whatever they want in residential neighborhoods as a “use of right.”

Residents who spoke want the county commission to reconsider their approval claiming Islam is not a religion and expressing fear that Islamic Sharia law will be imposed on Murfreesboro citizens.

“Look at the history of Islam,” Darrel Whaley told those gathered at the Historic Courthouse. “Look at the statements that it’s making in all the countries where it rules and reigns and that is the intent right here in Rutherford County in the United States of America.”

Like many residents who spoke, Whaley embraced tolerance as he asked the commission to reject the expansion plans of Murfreesboro’s Muslim community.

“If you do a little listening to the news about England, Germany and France to see where they have allowed Sharia law to take over, they are suffering for it now and they will have a difficult time getting those people out,” Foy Smith warned the audience.

“They want power,” Smith added. “That’s what Islam is about. They want power over you.” (More)


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