TEMPE, Ariz. – A Google search for the phrase “uproarious Muslims” produces
no results – but that’s part of the joke for the Allah Made Me Funny
troupe, three comedians of Islamic faith who use humor to treat what they
call the 9/11 Hangover.

Azhar Usman, for instance, is just the sort of fellow one would want to sit
next to on a long flight – a witty, erudite and well-traveled former
lawyer, 6-foot-2 with a bushy beard, black skullcap, and bearish
countenance that invariably cause double-takes in airports.

“If I were a Muslim-extremist-terrorist intent on blowing up a plane,” he
assures nervous travelers, “this is not the disguise I’d go with.”

Usman was headlining Tuesday’s early show, sending roars of laughter across
the rows of men and women in headscarves, Arab robes and Western dress at
an Arizona State University hall. The early show was modestly attended,
maybe 65 people, prompting Preacher Moss, the tour’s founder, to crack:

“We could have held it in an FBI interrogation room.”

More typical in their 30-city tour are sold-out crowds. Yesterday they were
to perform three times in Dearborn, Mich., the heart of the country’s
Muslim community. Tomorrow they come to Temple University’s Anderson Hall
for two shows.


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