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The Newburgh Sting covers the highly publicised anti-terrorist sting operation conducted by the FBI in 2009. Much lauded by media and American populous, Kate Davis and David Helbroner seek to prove there is more to the story than the surface level achievement. Chronicling the personal lives of the convicted terrorists, The Newburgh Sting confronts the ambiguous area between criminal intent and entrapment.

Newburgh, New York is a little known province sixty miles outside of Manhattan. The inhabitants are poor and predominately black. Located in Newburgh is a little mosque that is soon to become the centre of national news. Shahed Hussain is a new member to the mosque and eager to recruit radical Muslims for a jihad mission. The imam of the mosque informs Hussain to leave, but not before attracting the attention of James Cromitie. The two become friends and soon develop an agreement: $250,000 in exchange for the bombing of two Jewish temples and a military plane. Skeptical at first, the impoverished Cromitie is eventually persuaded to commit the act.

Fellow Muslim friends David Williams, Onte Williams and Laguerre Payen — all deeply destitute — are also recruited by Cromitie. Despite swearing dedication to the Muslim cause, payment is the only interest to the four men. Cromitie and the others are unaware, though, that Hussein is an informant for the FBI. (Read more)

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